Pastor Samuel Chamberlain

Pastor Chamberlain is originally from South Texas where he attended Texas Bible College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology in 1970. Sister Chamberlain was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Georgia prior to her High School years. She also attended Texas Bible College where she met Pastor Chamberlain in 1968.

Pastor and Sister Chamberlain were married in 1969, and subsequently moved to Northern Virginia, where they assisted in the United Pentecostal Church in Arlington. Both are now retired from Fairfax County Government. Pastor and Sister Chamberlain founded the Apostolic Faith Church in 1986. The church services were first held in the Chamberlain’s home, and then in various school buildings and other facilities. In time, the church leased a permanent church building at 16211 Lee Highway. In 2006, a new church building was completed at 14002 Glenkirk Road in Gainesville, Virginia.